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Triple D’s was founded in 1998 by the husband and wife partnership of Derek and Indira Dindial. The core of the business originated with vehicle leasing that has now expanded to a fleet of over 800 vehicles and equipment in addition to properties that offer other services.

To accommodate our rapidly expanding business, Triple Ds expanded its human capital base to include a diverse group of competent individuals who have all been trained and mandated to deliver superior levels of customer service and support. Presently, we have employed a staff of over 100 permanent team members, up from just two. Our experience in Customer Service and Fleet Management has grown to a level that provides assurance to all our customers that we will meet and exceed all of their requirements.
With a proactive approach to financial management, the company has expanded its equity and liquidity base to accommodate its consistent growth.


To provide our customers with a superior level of service unmatched by any other within the industry through our highly engaged and proficient employees.


To become a leading provider of land transportation and logistics services within the region.


Our values drive the organization, they are the setting stones by which we work, serve our clients and communities. HONESTY, RESPECT, INNOVATION, AND COMMITMENT


Our team consist of competent and qualified persons from all ethnic, social and cultural background. We at Triple D’s believe in diversity through the people we hire.


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